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best podcast themes

Great Themes Built With Podcasting in Mind.

In recent years, podcasts have truly made a comeback. In fact, perhaps they’ve never been as popular as they are now! With thousands of new podcasts being uploaded every day to music streaming services, it seems like everyone is trying to get in on the latest trend. If you’re reading this, chances are you want to as well! However, how do you know where to start in building a website for your podcast? Which WordPress themes are the most podcast-friendly?

While some are free, a few are premium themes that cost anywhere from $19 to $69. You can use a promo code to save 40% or more off the cost of a WordPress theme as well.

When we started tracking down themes that made podcasts their central focus, we found mainly music websites built for DJ’s, Clubs and Bands. While they are related, a podcast theme should also have additional features like room for descriptions of episodes (as opposed to just the title), and ideally a ‘marking’ feature so that listeners can skip to the 20 minute mark to listen to an anecdote about Jeff Goldblum (for example, at least).

We’ve got some picks that you’ll be sure to enjoy:


Tusant is the first and still best theme made specifically with podcasters in mind. The only real drawback is that it’s only made for this feature, so if you have multiple websites of different topics, you’ll need a different theme.

With this theme, you can place your Podcast player anywhere on the site, and it has a nice big ‘subscribe’ button for all your website’s visitors. The blog layout feature (pictured above) shows your episodes with descriptions and the play button right there on the blog page (so you don’t have to click into each episode to play it). The only drawback? It doesn’t have any marking system for moments within a podcast.


The second theme coming from SecondLine Themes (they also make Tusant), this one also has a dark color palette, but has some unique layouts that make it look pretty cool.

This theme works with Blubrry podcast hosting and is fully integrated with the PowerPress podcasting plugin.


Best Feature: Free, if not bare in features.

If you want a WordPress theme that isn’t overcomplicated, you should definitely look into Tracks. It has all of the basic things you would want to associate with your podcast, such as social media profiles and email address buttons. However, it also has a great minimalist design that allows you to reign in the focus of your site and keep it simply about your podcast!


This theme is probably one of the most self-explanatory best WordPress themes for podcast websites. If you want something that is beautiful, then you should get Elegant. Its simplistic design allows you to keep everything you need in one place, complete with your socials, an about page, a contact button, a link to your shop and a search bar!


If you want your podcast to foster a community rather than simply be a thing that people listen to every week, then perhaps you should look into a WordPress theme that allows you to have a more expansive website. If this sounds like something you’d like, then you should definitely get Lenscap. It lets you make thorough pages that can contain everything you need while also not looking too overwhelming.

Even if a WordPress theme wasn’t built for podcasting, you can still use the PowerPress podcasting plugin to embed your podcasts into your blog posts or pages. So if none of these themes feel just right, you can keep searching for the right one, and then you can just download PowerPress (or another podcasting plugin) to add your podcast to your site.

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